Project Pantry!!!


Well here is the embarrassing before photos of my pantry!  It had got way out of control! I love Pinterest and have pinned tons of organization photos and pantry redo’s then last week caught Nate’s show and pantry redo’s was featured.  My friend Danielle recently updated her pantry, so I knew what I had to do!

First things first another before view…then it was time to empty it out!

Well the shelves were really yucky stained from 16 years of use…I had seen pantry’s that had wallpaper backgrounds…which was so cool but I love to cook and entertain so my pantry holds tons of goods…. I figured, I would paint the background since you wouldn’t really see tons of it once I filled it back up!  I painted the back ground the same color as my kitchen walls…the color is called Sea Salt it is a soft blue with a tinge of green and grey.

Emptied out and ready for paint!  I cleaned all the shelves then primed them.  Next I painted them with a coat of good ole white paint!  And then painted the walls with the Sea Salt color….

New life for my pantry!  Freshly painted and I just couldn’t wait to start filling it back up…But I did …I needed to let the paint dry…I did this on Thursday and filled it back up on Saturday!  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it I love the way it turned out!

Ahhh…reorganization feels so good!

We like to grill in this house and we needed a place for our BBQ stuff, so now t is all handy and ready for the grill!

Everything has it’s place I got some new baskets and storage pieces for the make over….

Well I  hope you get inspired…I got so caught up in it all, that while this project was underway I decided to change up 5 other rooms it was a major make over weekend !   I will be blogging more of our busy crazy weekend…in the end we are so happy with all the new changes…stay tuned to see what else we were up too!

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3 Responses to Project Pantry!!!

  1. Victoria Kelley says:

    Looks great! That’s exactly what I need to do to my craft room. I’m inspired.

  2. danielle says:

    girlfriend i love it!! i so wish i had painted our pantry…the sea salt color is great. doesn’t it just make you want to go stand in your pantry and enjoy the organization?!

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