To know me is to know my non stop racing mind. (A.D.D.) better known as creativity!  I am always thinking, designing, developing …Whether it’s a new jewelry design for my Michele Busch Jewelry Line, or a decorative project for my home or garden, or developing a new recipe for my family or entertaining  for friends …the ideas  just never stop so I either act on them or jot them down for later!  And if you happen to be a close friend you could find me looking at you, thinking of how I would like to cut your hair into a new style!  That’s right after all those years I spent as a stylist I still have to break out those shears now and then.

So my blogging style is like my life …it full of things I’m passionate  about, jewelry, decor home and garden,  fashion, and a lot of recipes and foodie talk . And little stories of my hubby, family and friends, and my furry friends Welby and Jasmine too.  So enjoy my blog feel free to comment and ask me questions if you enjoy what you read.

2 Responses to About

  1. Angie White says:

    I googled BIG CHIEF TABLET and came across your site!
    Do you know where I can buy a Big Chief Tablet?
    Thanks sooo much!

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