Project Scrap Book Space…

I promised to show you more of my make over changes all done in one weekend!  What can I say I’m an all or nothing kinda girl!  This was my scrapbook space that took up a nook area in my jewelry studio…I decided I needed more space in my studio so I moved the scrapbook area to another room.

Let the move begin!  This is my haircutting room Iv’e mentioned before I worked 18 years behind the chair…at one salon for 15 years.  So I still have that need to do the occasional haircut on my friends…and this is the room I do it in!  But since this room isn’t used on an everyday basis I decided to move my scrapbook area into it and maybe it will inspire me to make time to scrap it up!   I already had the hutch and the little antique desk in the room.  I love my little vintage desk and just couldn’t part with it, so I decided to put it up against the wall next to my scrapbook desk…and if I do get time to scrap I have a spot for one of my friends to work along with me!  Now I had to empty the hutch and start moving all the stuff in…

I have two closets in this room…so I emptied one…trust me when I say I spared you from seeing the before mess in this space but now empty and ready to be filled again!

I filled up the hutch in no time with my paints, glitters and glues….I also moved my paper stand in and it fit perfectly beside the hutch…

maybe this change will inspire me to get back to card making and paper crafting….

Of course in the midst of all the reorganization I had to find time to shop for some things for the pantry project and this room too!  Love my new wall art I had the seriously and flower pics in the room already…but I love the new imagine and key art and it all worked together for this new space…

And beneath the wall art lies my new scrap space…

The closet space filled with all those scrappy needs…

And best of all there is  still room for those times when that creative urge hits and I need to give a friend a new style…Well there’s more makeovers to show because with this moved out of my jewelry studio there was more room to spread out… those pic’s to come I can’t just show you everything at once I need you to keep visiting!  And please feel free to comment if you like what you see!  Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to Project Scrap Book Space…

  1. Jann Strong Rougeux says:

    Oh Michele you never cease to amaze me girl! Love love the creative addition to your haircutting room, so fun ….i want to come over amd play:)

  2. Victoria Kelley says:

    I told u I needed to re-do my craft room…especially the closet. The room itself was painted recently. Anyway, your terrific makeover has reinforced my desire. Did you have to recycle or toss things?

    • Vicki , a small box full, which is going to the daughter of a good friend, she loves to craft! So I know she will have fun going through it all…her mom might steal a few things hee hee…I am also going to have a Le Garage…I did one 2 years ago basically an indoor garage sale with snacks and drinks…for all my friends, whatever is left goes to goodwill…I just cleaned the garage out ,next is my closet…Spring cleanup!

  3. Diana says:

    I am in love with your studio makeover.

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