WildLife Kingdom…

We were at the Dallas Arboretum this weekend to see the Chihuly Glass exhibit.  We had a great, time took tons of photos, so many in fact I will be blog posting 3 segments!  Here is the first… WildLife Kingdom!  We saw a bench under a tree and went to sit a bit.  I’m always looking around for something to break out my macro lens…I didn’t need to look far, just down …next to the bench we were sitting I see a snake trying to eat a huge frog.  The frog was just to big the snake gave up and slithered away but I can’t believe I caught it on camera!

After we saw all there was to see at the Arboretum we took a drive through White Rock Lake.  I had forgot how pretty it is…when I first moved to Dallas we would come to White  Rock a lot…But I had not been in over 20 years.  Nature and beauty were everywhere!

This isn’t exactly wildlife, but there on a bench sat a tiny bubble someone had blown and I said quick honey had me the macro lens, the things we do for the perfect capture!


This squirrel was such a character, Kevin had fun taking pic’s of him.

so pretty…

Aren’t these guys cute?

Well stay tuned for the Chihuly Exhibit on the next post…

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