Fall Garden Activity…

Beautiful butterfly in my garden…

so pretty…

A new garden helper…

The Ghost Chilies are blooming and growing….how do you spell hot?  Bhut Jolokia…

budding bhut jolokia…


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2 Responses to Fall Garden Activity…

  1. Victoria K says:

    You & I like to take pictures of nature…how long will you stand & wait & how many shots will you take till you get the perfect one? As long as it takes & as many as it takes, right? Nice photography, Mi Hermana.

  2. love nature shots! I saw the butterfly and thought I wish I had my camera! He was sticking around so I ran in and grabbed the camera and got several awesome shots when I realized the memory card was not in the camera and he flew ! A few minutes later he flew back and finally I got the shot! For Mr. frog I got down on the ground to shoot him, he kept saying you don’t see me I blend, but my eagle eye spotted him while I was checking on the garden and camera time! The things we do for the right shot…thanks for noticing!

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