Master Bedroom Revamp…

We gave our master bed and bath a revamp this year…I don’t have before photos of the bedroom…but the main changes we did …were a change of wall color.  We went from a soft blue to a cool grey,  and from chocolate brown curtains to gauzy white.  I also found new lampshades in white to replace the taupe grey ones we had before.  We have a wall with a door and 2 windows on each side in our room .  There is a long window panel that runs the length above the door and windows.  When we designed our home 16 years ago I wanted light and bright but too much light early in the morning drives me crazy now!  So I made panels that we inserted to block out the light and we created a curtain wall I love it!  We also put up some new graphic flower prints…enjoy the following revamp photos.

 The wall of curtains sheer and airy…

A different view…I love our wall unit, the center panels slide from side to side so you have access to the T.V. or your drawers.  We had this piece custom built several years back after a stay in a cool boutique hotel that had one and we loved it.  My favorite part are the ribbed glass sliding door panels.  And the open cubby areas I use for purses , special shoes and so on!

a view of some of the shelves…got to love animal print!

The pinky plum collection…

Sassy shoe cube… This view shows one of the insert panels removed to let in the light.  And a kitty in his usual spot!

We have a cake top ceiling in the center of the room…our room has a lot of angles.  The flower prints were a find at Marshalls!

I had the center of the ceiling painted the same color as the walls the rest of in the cake tops steps and ceiling are a lighter color…kinda hard to tell from this photo but you get the idea…

As you can see this room is a great place for a nap hee hee…  Well hope you like the new look !  Stay tuned for the before and after shots of the master bath and dining room!

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2 Responses to Master Bedroom Revamp…

  1. Susanne says:

    i love it–it looks so pretty!

  2. Thank you it is finally done! I never thought I would get all the hardware up for the curtains …so glad I can finally just enjoy it! The white sheers just make it feel airy.

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