Dining At One Of Plano’s Best… Cole Vines Wine Bistro

Recently we dined at one of our favorite places.  Cole Vines in Plano at the Shops of Legacy.  This wine bistro is wonderful. The food is good but the pizza is the closest to New York we have found!  I eat gluten every now and then and when I do it has to be absolutely fan -tab- a- lous  (yes I make up words)   We like to sit out on the patio enjoy a little wine have some great food, watch the passers-by and enjoy the great weather before it gets to hot to say that!  Well on this visit I tried one of the featured wines it was so delicious I decided to buy a bottle since we had friends joining us!   This wine is a newer wine it is Gluten Free and smooth like silk yet rich.  The name of it is Golan it’s a Cabernet 2010 produced in Israel.  Of course there was quite a mark up on the bottle but I’m not sorry I tried it because we thought it was wonderful!  My hubby liked it so much we ordered a case… we found  it online at a fraction of the cost.  But if I had not been introduced to it at the restaurant I probably would have never discovered it.  So if you enjoy a rich dry red give it a try!

We started out with this risotto crab cake with a spicy marinara sauce oh my….. Creamy rich mixture of risotto and crab…well let me just say this… it was so good we ordered a 2nd one and we had a large pizza coming!   I did not take a photo of Cole Vines Famous pizza but trust me it is the closest thing to thin crust New York Pizza we have had .  And we are pretty picky about our New York favs…I might add our waiter on this night,  moved here from The Big Apple and he said this was the closest pizza to New York he has found.  Thin ,crispy, flavor perfect, oh yea your mouth is watering …get to Cole Vines enjoy…

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2 Responses to Dining At One Of Plano’s Best… Cole Vines Wine Bistro

  1. Susanne says:

    that looks so good! will have to try that since it’s so close to me.

  2. Danielle says:

    yum! that sounds delish…i will have to try it next time i visit susanne!

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