A Visit From A Couple Of Ducks…

I woke up to a whole lot of quacking the other morning.  I thought yep…it’s nesting time the ducks are back!  I rushed outside to find this little couple chasing another female duck all over my backyard.  I ran to get my camera while they successfully chased the other duck away!  The male duck looks like he is very proud of himself in this photo!

Well all that chasing around makes a guy thirsty…

Here is the proud couple striking a pose!

As you can see these two don’t mind making themselves right at home…

Well time for a swim … and after this I told them they had to go find the pond and sent them on their way!   I know… they are so cute but last year they came everyday for 2 weeks, and I had to keep chasing them out.  As much as I would love little ducklings swimming around my pool it’s just better for them to be at the pond raising little duckies.  Where they can poop all they want and I can go visit them there…hee hee

About Michele Busch

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