Shopping in Tulsa…Utica Square

Utica Square…it had been 15 years or so, the last time I shopped Utica square in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Me and the hubby shopped and ate lunch while enjoying the sites in Utica Square.

Utica has been around a long time…Many years ago one of the hair stylist I worked with moved to Tulsa he went to work in the salon inside a store called Miss Jacksons.  I drove up 2 times to get my haircut by him and shopped around in Utica Square.

Old school telephone booths surround the square…

Always need to check out Anthropoligie…Kev says this is his favorite store because he can relax on the comfy couches….This Anthro was cool, but I was disappointed they didn’t carry shoes at this location…I still managed to find a really cool pair of citrus lime color skinny jeans!

The shopping is set in a park like atmosphere great for strolling and a nice lunch on the patio at one of the many restaurants.

We had lunch at the Wild Fork.  We ate inside with a view to outdoors, it was very nice.  We shopped at an original Russell Stover’s candy shop were I stocked up on some of my favorites…dark chocolate roman nuggets loved them since I was a kid and I would get a box of chocolates and keep taking bites out of different ones till I found my Roman nuggets!  hee hee… come on, you know you have done that too, take a bite and try the next…



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4 Responses to Shopping in Tulsa…Utica Square

  1. Danielle says:

    what a fun trip!! and a beautiful setting!

  2. Victoria K says:

    I love Utica Square too! We were there a week ago. At Anthropologie I bought a darling coral loosely weaved scarf. Their jewelry reminds me of yours. We were in Tulsa to buy a new car. We were supposed to pick it up yesterday, but we were nervous about the weather. I didn’t want any hail messing up my new Lexus the first day I drove it!

    • Vicki, congrats on the new car! Don’t blame you for watching out for the weather it has been crazy this year! Can’t believe you were just shopping in Utica square too! Ti is such a nice area.

  3. thanks Danielle, we need to enjoy being outside as much as possible before it gets to hot and we can’t take the heat!

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