The Flutter Of The Butterfly…Enjoy the show!

Everything is in full bloom… along with that comes all our nasty allergies…but when I look at this flowering snowball like fluff in my backyard and the smell is like honeysuckle…I may sneeze, but I am amazed and I have to smile all at the same time!

I took a little time today to smell the sweet scent of this flowering tree…it was nature at work buzzing bees and several types and sizes of butterflies fluttering everywhere!

so pretty…

I just could not stop snapping photos…

I think this butterfly posed for this shot…

Vibrant orange wings against the flowering tree…

This little beauty is blending in with the stone and leaves…

I couldn’t get a good still shot of this flutterer…but it was black with long tails so gorgeous!  And then of course there’s the one that got away…a huge Monarch but all the little butterflies were chasing him all around literally running him out of their sweet smelling territory!  Well this tree will hold it’s flowers for a couple more weeks before they all drop into my pool and make a big fat mess hee hee…In the meantime stay tuned for more nature shots…I took several today of the cutest lizards but that’s on the next post!  Well between the watery eyes and hay fever sniffles I hope these photos bring a smile to your face like they did for me!

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2 Responses to The Flutter Of The Butterfly…Enjoy the show!

  1. victoria d. kelley says:

    Michele, you’re a girl after my own heart! I, too, love taking pictures this time of year…the beautiful flowers & the butterflies! Oh, my…I love it when you get that perfect shot!

  2. Thanks Vicki I was playing around with a different camera lens and having some fun!

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