Garden Love….

I have had this copper dragonfly for years…and I still love the beauty and fun it brings to my garden…

Another dragonfly decoration that has weathered many a storm, Texas heat and snow!  Rusted peeling and there it sits under a little tree…I have a thing for worn treasures!

You don’t see me…said this little gecko trying hard to blend.  Hey little buddy eat those bugs in my garden!

I was in full clean out the garden bed mode trim this cut down that rake this…when I noticed yellow petals on the ground!  I looked up to a beautiful sweet smelling surprise…my yellow roses were in full bloom and they smell like a rose perfume my mama used to wear!  I had to stop in my tracks a literally Smell the Roses!  And go grab my camera of course!  Now I ask you, is this a beautiful rose or what??

This one is fully open …I wish you could smell the fragrant petals!

I love how you can see a blur of the red striped roses in the background, but this photo is all about this yellow cream rose bud….

Is she lovely or what? …a rose like no other….

Trellis background , but the focus is on the rose in case you were wondering…

It will soon be time to fill this blown glass hummer feeder…

I was out grilling up dinner when I noticed two little tomatoes!  My first in our new garden exciting!

All that beauty outside made me want to have some indoor color!  So when I stopped to do the grocery shopping.  I came upon some great sales on the fresh flowers at Kroger, so I bought some berries, mini hydrangea, rounded mini carnations and cream and yellow roses…I came home found a vase and put my arrangement together…and as you can see Welby said, fresh flowers you shouldn’t have!

They look and smell great…check out Kroger for their sale flower bunches and bring some color home!  Well hope you had a fun tour of my roses….stay tuned to see how the garden grows we will be dealing with Texas storms and the April showers of Texas with the soon to follow heat waves….


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