Dining In Fort Worth Texas..

Recently we dined in Fort Worth…We had seen this place on a recent trip so we came back to check it out.  Taco Stand is on Magnolia street in Fort Worth and worth checking out!

The decor in the restaurant is very nice… there is also a big street side outdoor area if you want to soak up the sun on the patio.

I ordered the veggie combo platter this was soooo good, the chilpotle mashed potatoes were awesome!  It came with grilled veggies a yummy dipping sauce, a cucumber relish salad, fried plantains and black beans and rice.  I also tried the corn and tomato soup…The dinner was served with chips and salsa.

I’m all about food presentation and Taco Stand gets an A….Great looking and great tasting food… we kept seeing platters of nachos being served so we want to try those next time!

My hubby tried 3 different types of tacos and he said each one was delish!  This one was the shrimp I tried a bite Yummo……

For the sweet tooth in you, try the fried cheesecake this looked so great but since I try not to eat gluten I didn’t try it…but Kev said it was wonderful!

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