Red Snapper Vera Cruz Wonderful Dinner Recipe!

Red Snapper filets I had the skin removed at the market.  Red Snapper is a wonderful mild tasting fish.  I rinsed it and then coated it lightly with a little all purpose Bobs Red mill gluten -free flour and tapioca flour with a little salt and pepper. Add a little olive oil to the pan on med high heat.  Heat for a couple mins and add fish to pan! Cook on  med high for 3 mins .  Then flip over and fry the back side the same way on med high after 3 mins lower temp to med low and cover pan for 2 mins do that on each side. Once it is done put on simmer..Make your Vera cruz sauce I used a can of organic tomatoes fire roasted . I chopped a half med onion  and 2 garlic cloves minced in a bit of olive oil.  Add your tomatoes into a pan also a small can of chopped green chilies. Also add a little dry white wine then add a little chicken broth and I also add a teaspoon cornstarch to a bit of chicken broth stir well. To thicken sauce a bit.  I  then add a little fresh cilantro chopped and a little fresh baby spinach.

I also add some capers to my sauce some ground cumin, a dash of chili powder and salt pepper and a squeeze of meyer lemon ( you could use lime juice) pour over fish bring to boil then turn to low heat cover 3 mins and serve over rice .We served the fish over white rice and sauce with roasted broccoli and parsnips with a caesar  salad it was delish my hubby loved it!  Give this great fish  Try in you kitchen!

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1 Response to Red Snapper Vera Cruz Wonderful Dinner Recipe!

  1. Susanne says:

    that looks SO good! will have to try that soon 🙂

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