A Change Can Be Good…

Time for a revamp for these pieces all Michele Busch purchased in the last 9 years by a client of Joni’s Boutique.  The blue necklace and the pink were made so long ago I barely remembered them!  I have revamped some other pieces for this same customer some of the pieces I have restyled have not been mine….but this time all 4 pieces were my designs!  Her taste has changed over the years and she has found she likes bolder longer necklaces .  The rose quartz and smokey topaz necklace had the biggest transformation since she decided she just doesn’t wear much pink so I suggested swapping the pink for aqua…well check out the changes…

here’s the before…

Here it is all laid out,  I kept the smokey topaz pieces that use to be the back part of the necklace and now they are a focal point in the front with a layer of chain…the aqua chalcedony teardrops give this piece a beautiful beach tone…I miss the ocean right now…

Well this is a total redesign… I used the smokey topaz from the original piece and some of the sterling,  isn’t it beautiful…she should get a lot of wear out of this new redesign.

This was a one of a kind made of Sodalite and Lapis with sterling accents…

I kept the pendant and polished the sterling.  I used all of the original stones and added some new stones and brushed silver chain…new life!

This was also a simple one of a kind still so pretty I kinda hated taking it apart…but it turned out to be my favorite redesign… this piece has a sterling disk between each bead champagne czech crystal and green turquoise with a sweet shell pendant…but this little girl grew up….

I started gathering pieces together….

This little girl grew up don’t you think?  I love the little shell dangle…all the pretty green turquoise has been joined with great silver chain, champagne crystal, brighter turquoise and chalcedony also some beautiful Amazonite…Can you see why it is my favorite?

This piece was a popular favorite in my Line a few years back…it’s made up of sterling, agate, abalone, and carved soapstone.  The customer has added orange into her wardrobe and was wanting something she could wear with oranges and earthtones…

Well this little pretty is ready for it’s debut with some orange clothes bring on summer…

Well new life for a new wardrobe…I’m excited to see what my customer thinks of her transformed redesigns!!! To see the other 3 pieces I redesigned last year for this same customer check out my post on Sept.19th 2011. The style with the agate pendant was one of my designs the other 2 were not but I gave them new style too.

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2 Responses to A Change Can Be Good…

  1. Danielle says:

    beautifull!! you are a true artist! we need to plan your trip to waco SOON 😉

  2. Thank you Danielle, yes need to plan a visit when it slows down for me a bit here! And I want you to take me to that cute store!

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