Shopping Fig Finale…

Fig Finale Sale was fun and busy as usual… Here is a photo of me and Julie who helps me at every show…we take turns working and shopping hee hee… I was helping a customer for about 15 mins…she was picking out a few pair of earrings trying to decide which ones she wanted….then when we were writing up her purchase I glanced up and realized she was wearing one of my new designs which was a one of a kind!  I said, hey where did you buy your necklace?  She said I was looking at your jewelry style and wondered if this was one of your pieces but figured you would say something if it was!!  She had bought it at Pappagallo…it was nice to meet a customer who enjoys my jewelry she said she wears it all the time!

The booth was filled with shoppers on Saturday…

Julie is busy wrapping up a purchase…while I took a few photos… if you missed the show, there are two a year the next one will be in August. Fig Finale is always a great shopping experience!

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