Chicken Burgers and Flat Iron Steak…

Remember my post on Jan 25th?  Well I was sharing some new products I was trying from Whole Foods.  Here is the chicken burger I mentioned there are 2 patties in each package.  The package says to microwave it, the burger is precooked…but I decided to warm in a skillet with a rub of olive oil.  I placed the burger on med high heat for 30 sec. each side then added a little chicken broth to the pan covered and turned the heat to low for a few minutes… a couple of days later I ate the other burger heated in the micro… just as the patty plain with a side of steamed broccoli.  And to be honest it tasted just as good nuked in the microwave…so have it your way… but try this burger it is great!

The flavor I got was the Pesto Parmesan…I had it on my gluten-free bread that I lightly toasted…my garnish?…you ask?… well we all have different taste so I had it with pickled jalapeno, pickles, a dab of brown mustard, chilpotle ketchup, and organic mayo, lettuce, tomato and just the slightest sprinkle of shredded cheese…I completed my 6 week special diet and now I’m allowed to add dairy back into my diet slowly and see how I feel…Anywho give these burgers a try they are delish, fast and easy to prepare and remember to have it your way hee hee…

Here are some new sauces I just got at Central Market all Gluten-Free the Thai Peanut is awesome!  The Marston’s Brand San Pasqual  salad dressing I tried tonight and it is really good!  It has a mild sweetness great on salad or as a marinade…Of course I can’t leave anything alone… what can I say it’s the creative side of me!  So as a marinade for my Flat Iron steak which I got at Central Market…I used 2 Tbs. San Pasqual…1 tsp. olive oil  4 drops of aged balsamic vinegar ( my pourer on my vinegar allows you to do by drops) which is good because aged balsamic is sweeter and much richer and flavorful than regular balsamic I use Central Market brand…Okay back to the recipe 1 Tbs. gluten-free soy sauce, a dash of garlic powder, coarse ground pepper and steak seasoning and 1 Tbs. water.. mix well, pour over meat and let stand in fridge 30 mins. turning to coat a couple of times… grill your steak…this cut of meat is similar to flank steak but less fatty you want it med rare for best flavor and tenderness….

It came out great…I sliced it against the grain thinly and served it over a bed of  mixed greens with brown and yellow heirloom tomatoes, radish, red bell pepper and a little San Pasqual mixed with a dash of soy sauce!   My hubby gave this 2 thumbs up.  This was my first beef dish in 2 months and I really liked this cut of meat.  As a side note, the butcher at Central Market told me they only have this cut of meat now and then, I choose a piece with less marbling to keep it leaner and as you can see from the photo it was not fatty at all…and it was tender the trick to keeping your meat tender is not to over cook it and cut against the grain to serve!  Try it and enjoy!

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