Sharing Some Great Gluten-Free Products!

these new Exotic Harvest Chips have me hooked they are so good…and I love this brand of Plantain chips they are great with salsa and just plain as a crunchy treat.  I got both of these products at Whole foods.

now for the Sweet and Spicy…I got Hail Merry brand chocolate macaroons oh my …these little treats melt in your mouth…they are Raw-Vegan-Gluten-Free sweetened with organic maple syrup!  I saw these Raweo cookies by Alive &Radiant Foods they are live cookies-gluten-free-dehydrated they taste amazing they contain soaked almonds, vanilla bean, cashews, coconut, raw honey, cinnamon, and light roasted carob all organic!  Now for some good old crackers these are great with tuna dip…Brand is Yehuda and they are Gluten-free matzo style crackers!  And woo hoo for Sriracha Sauce now you can enjoy this sauce on everything it’s Organic and Gluten-Free!

i thought this chicken burger looked good I will let you know Brand is The Original Brat Hans…Pesto Parmesan chicken burger with roasted garlic…stay tuned for the verdict on this one looks good!   And lastly, the spicy organic black beans sound tasty…

yummy Raweo  cookie!!!  Well healthy eating to you and yours try these products out!

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2 Responses to Sharing Some Great Gluten-Free Products!

  1. chameleonnik says:

    This is awesome, Girl! It has been awhile since I have checked your blog and I am so impressed!
    I gotta try some of these recipes or better yet, come to your house for dinner more!

    Love You!

    • But of course you should come for dinner! You know me I’m all about cooking but taking my everyday recipes and making them healthy with all the same flavor! Thanks for stopping by I will be posting jewelry, new and up coming shows, trunk shows etc……

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