Milk & Honey Boutique in Dallas…

my new animal print jacket…love the vintage style…on the way to a girls shopping day!

my friends invited me to go check out a new Boutique…shopping? How can a girl turn that down!  Milk & Honey is a fun girlie shop in Dallas on Henderson.

cute entrance…love the chalk board!

the boutique’s decor is really cute!

so I got to shopping…

taking a photo of my friend Susanne who is taking a photo…what can we say we blog!!!

what all girls love… a separate Sale room!

accessories area…

love brick walls…

isn’t this a cute shoe display?

dressing room…yes please, I have some things I need to try on!

love this old scale at the checkout…

time to check out…I found a new pair of shoes a couple of belts a new dress some new leggings and a few tops!  The styles are fun and the prices are really good!

strike a pose…

well bye for now…my friend and me taking a photo of each other…hee hee…So if your from the burbs like we are it is worth a trip To Milk & Honey for some fun shopping!

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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6 Responses to Milk & Honey Boutique in Dallas…

  1. julie says:

    That’s such a cute picture of you at the beginning of your post! You go vintage-ee girl!

  2. thx…love the vintage!

  3. Susanne says:

    what a fun day we had!

  4. Danielle says:

    cute cute store! when you come to waco, i’ll have to take you to 201 collective-looks similar!

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