Busy Weekend In The Kitchen…

on Pinterest…I saw how to make whipped cream from coconut milk…follow me on Pinterest for more great ideas.    back to making the whipped cream take a can of coconut milk put it in the fridge overnight…open the can add the first 3 inches will be thick cream….I use a small froth whip (hand held) but you could beat with mixer to make large amount…Since I’m needing to stay sugar free, I just took 1 Tbs. of cream 2 tsp. of the liquid from the bottom of can and whipped it up…

whip it up till creamy and add to your coffee or tea…I added mine to a chai coconut caffeine free tea it was so great…you could sweeten cream with sweetener of your choice and use on a cupcake or fresh fruit yummy possibilities are endless give it a try!

cook’in up a storm this weekend so that I have some goodies to eat the next few days… mixed green salad, sautéed mushroom blend shiitake and white, and quinoa salad with cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper, celery, red onion, fresh minced garlic, mushrooms lemon juice and olive oil this was so good and simple to make.

we had leftover grilled garlic pesto chicken with leftover roasted veggies and the salads and mushrooms great combo of flavors!

breakfast gluten-free pancakes with pure maple syrup and fresh fruit…with a caffeine free chai with coconut cream….:)

i made some asparagus leek soup for Monday…tasted good…

(Chili)…sautéed red onion, white onion, garlic, 1/2 chopped jalapeno and 1 yellow squash in a little olive oil till softened…to that I added 1 can crushed fire roasted tomatoes, 1 can fire roasted green chilies with tomatoes, 1 small can roasted green chilies, 1/2 can sweet potato puree or pumpkin, 1/2 cup chicken broth and 3/4 cup veggie broth, spices couple dashes garlic powder, 2 tsp bolsa (dark chili powder) 1 Tbs. mild chili powder, 1/2 tsp.  chilpotle powder, 2-3 tsp. San Antonio chili powder, (I like to use a blend but you could use regular chili powder and some chilpotle)…I also added 1tsp. cumin, couple dashes roasted coriander, couple dashes of Goya Adobo powder, salt and pepper to taste…stir bring to boil them cover and simmer 15 -20 min…I browned 1 pd. ground Bison, you could also use ground sirloin. Add meat and 2 cans rinsed and drained beans I used black beans…stir turn up heat to med. high stirring when it starts to bubble turn to low cover simmer 15 min…. I like my chili thick but you can always add a little water or more broth to thin a bit…serve with whatever fix’ins you like with your chili…enjoy!

chili served with a chickpea frittata to take the place of corn bread… and it was great!  I have blogged about this frittata mix before it is dairy free and gluten free my family loves it.  The brand is Lucini I get it at Whole Foods it is easy to make you just add olive oil, water and salt and bake give it a try…



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