Stretch Those Taste Buds and Try Something New…

lunch veggie stir fry with Madras Curry Sauce this sauce is all natural made by Maya Kaimal…I found it at Central Market.   I used onion, cauliflower, eggplant, celery, spinach and okra stir fried in a bit of grape seed oil add sauce and simmer 15 min. super simple and delish.  I served it over brown rice.  The sauce is a peppery coconut curry…try something new!

as you will see from this post I did a lot of cooking and baking today so I could have some things to munch on for the next few days!  I finally had a chance to bake this gluten free bread from my book Flying Apron’s gluten-free & vegan baking.  This bread is made with brown rice flour, garbanzo bean flour and flax meal…it taste good.  I found an apple butter today that is juice sweetened all natural “McCutcheons” so I spread a bit on my bread yum!

because one kind of bread wasn’t enough I also baked an applesauce bread gluten-free dairy free…

here is a square of the applesauce bread the consistency is between a cake bar and a brownie…it is really good, the recipe uses brown rice syrup, unsweetened apple sauce and apple butter…I will have this for breakfast tomorrow with berries and pineapple!

dinner was taco salad I made this version with ground Bison meat, (very lean) black beans, red bell pepper, onion, roasted green chilies, roasted tomatoes, and chopped fresno chili…this is what my plate looked like my hubby’s plate had chips and cheese added!  If you are looking for a lean taco meat skip the turkey and try bison it is a bit more expensive but a special treat when you are on a restricted diet and need to eat more heart healthy lean…hope this gives you a new idea or two in the kitchen!


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2 Responses to Stretch Those Taste Buds and Try Something New…

  1. Susanne says:

    all of your meals have been looking so good! that taco salad made my mouth water!!

  2. thank you, it was good that plate was empty quick…hee hee

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