Healthy Eating…Healthy Choices

today I felt like baking…gluten dairy free…because I have to be on a special diet for 6 weeks!  So of course when the doc told me I needed to do this I thought well it’s not a lot different from the detox I do for 21 days…but 6 weeks??  Well once again time to get creative in the kitchen, I’m glad I enjoy cooking!  So you can look forward to some new healthy ideas in cooking over the next 6 weeks…stay tuned!

when you can’t have sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, corn and the list goes on…it’s time to strap on the apron and create yourself something that will make you feel like your not on a restricted diet.  Well, let the fun begin I found a recipe in my BabyCakes cookbook for a Gingerbread loaf.  I can have agave syrup and molasses so I got all my ingredients out and giddy up!

it smelled so good while it was in the oven…

there was enough batter for a loaf and 2 dozen mini muffins.  I can also have brown rice syrup (Eco Farms) Sweet Dreams which I purchased today, it is sweet and delish I put a dab on each muffin and served  them with fresh blueberries…moist, delish and a cure for my sweet tooth craving!

with the sweets out-of-the-way it was time for dinner!  I can have all the veggies I want which is good I love veggies.  I made a mixed green salad and dressed it up with Bragg vinaigrette.

for dinner I grilled Buffalo Strip steak and served it with roasted cabbage, (found this recipe on Pinterest it is a Martha Stewart) I used Morton “Nature’s Seasons”  seasoning blend, cauliflower and golden Yukon potatoes.  On this diet I can have organic chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, fresh or water packed fish…no beef, pork, cold cuts, sausage or shellfish.  But that is still a good amount of choices I may have pushed the envelope a bit, but the Buffalo was organic and I know buffalo meat is a lean meat.  All of this in an effort to get my triglyceride level lowered and since I have a sensitivity to gluten she said , even though I have stopped eating gluten, you have to still heal and calm the gut!  I was truly expecting to be told I needed to be put on a statin, and instead she said, let’s try this first and she put me on a list of supplements and this elimination diet.  And in case you’re wondering yes this is a M.D. my family doctor.  In a time when most doctors would rather just give you a pill, I was thankful to go this route first…so if you have or know people with similar issues stay tuned…Everyone is different what works for one person doesn’t always work for another but healthier alternative eating options can benefit everyone!  As a side note we dined out last night at Seasons 52 and on the menu for December they have a venison chop it was great!   Seasons 52 is a great dining experience all healthy eating but you think your cheating!  So when you think healthy eating boring or limited it’s not you can enjoy flavor…I will prove it to you… watch for new healthy choices in eating!

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