Trish McEvoy…Yes Please!

new makeup…makes a girl happy… love Trish McEvoy!  I added to my collection  the Beauty Booster Lip Balm is wonderful.  When I was in New York I had bought a new Trish foundation only to drop it on the tile 2 weeks later ouch…I was buying my new products and was telling the story of the drop…to my surprise I was given a brand new foundation! So happy…new lipstick new brush some makeup brush cleaner and a new compact with 4 eyeshadow/liners and a mineral powder and I can’t forget a new 24-hour creme eyeshadow liner love love…plus they did my makeup at the counter and it looked great she did one side first (honestly one side looked like a mini facelift).   I said you can’t leave me like this, you have to do the other side…she made me do it.. so I got a lesson in applying!  I left happy and eager to try all my new goodies at home…


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