Sweet Gifts I Love Surprises….

my friend Jann recently gave me the sweetest vintage owl to add to my collection!

he is already hooting it up with some friends on my mantle….

we spent the day with our friends yesterday…movies dinner shopping…I went into Fossil because the jewelry in the window caught my eye.  Even though I design jewelry I can’t make everything… and I like to layer my pieces with vintage or just something different.  I was telling my friend Nikki I love this… look at this…this is cool… Well little did I know she told my hubby…

so I went to bed last night and was reading my book and felt something under the covers next to my foot…I said what is in the bed?  And there under the blanket was a Fossil box! I looked at my hubby and said hey how did you even do this?  I guess when he told me he was going to H&M he really went to Fossil and somehow Nikki told him what to get! Sneaky yes but I love it!  New necklace and bracelet…fun bling…great surprise!

love how the clasp has 3 little charms a heart, key and key hole isn’t that cute!!!!

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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