My Design Studio….

my creative space… crowded stuff everywhere…just the way I like it!

love this old parts cabinet… I found it in the fields out in Canton!  The color, the old stains perfect for me didn’t change a thing on it.  Instead of spark plugs it now contains jewelry components!

another cabinet in my design studio.  I got this at a steal from a store that was in Downtown Plano for many years when the store closed they sold all their display pieces.  I changed out the knobs on the drawers to give it just a punch of color!  (because it wasn’t bright enough already) hee hee…

part of my creative space has a small area for scrapbooking, cards, stamping etc…

add the sparkle with vintage German glass glitter…

well hope you enjoyed a view of my studio where all the creativity happens!


About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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One Response to My Design Studio….

  1. Susanne says:

    LOVE your studio–all your vintage pieces are just gorgeous!

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