Design…From Start To Finish…

i get asked all the time how do you design your pieces?  What inspires you to create certain things?  I always have design on my mind…. I start with one piece and build off of it.  Here is an example…I had this cool vintage shell piece I’ve been meaning to use in a design so I set it out with another matte agate bead…

next I decided I wanted something to dangle off to the side so I look around…find a small vintage key. I think… cute what else…ahh.. a vintage glass leaf and a resin leaf.   Now what…well keeping with my mostly asymmetric way of design I look around for some beads…and find these beautiful czech beads for one side!

how about a copper chain drape…looking good!

how about chain for the other side?  Yep, that definitely works…now I just need to put it all together!  In the meantime I have been keeping good company…

well does he count as company he is asleep…

it wouldn’t be time in the studio without another visitor!!!

a quick glance at other inspiration… do I need to add anything else?  No I like it as is…

let the real work begin…

the finished piece…I love the way this one of a kind turned out…Looking for Michele Busch Jewelry?  Come meet me Thursday December 8th at Pappagallo Boutique in Plano.      Trunk show time with all kinds of unique pieces…hope to see you there!  Michele Busch Jewelry Trunk Show Dec. 8th -10th at Pappagallo on Coit Rd. next to Central Market in Plano.

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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2 Responses to Design…From Start To Finish…

  1. Victoria Kelley says:

    Loved seeing the whole process starting with 1 unique piece –finished piece is v cool, love it! I also like the “company ” you keep.

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