Yao Fuzi In Plano Offers A Gluten-Free Menu…Fabulous!

we found a new favorite Chinese Eatery!!  One of my friends has been telling me about Yao Fuzi  for the last year and we just hadn’t tried it.  Yao Fuzi is located in Plano off Park Blvd. behind Blue Goose.  Look them up online.  Great decor, excellent service, fabulous food!  This was our 2nd visit we went with friends they ordered the soup dumplings which are wonderful , I had tried before , but didn’t try this time because I’m really trying to stay gluten-free.

they have a gluten-free menu so this time I ordered off of it.  I started with the lettuce wraps…very good.

sakitini was refreshing…

my entree was excellently prepared I ordered the gluten-free Hunan Beef it was so good.  My husband and myself love New York Chinese…especially the dumplings there.  This place reminds me of one of my favorites from Dallas that is no longer in business “Uncle Thai” in the Galleria . I worked in the Galleria for 15 yrs. and I ate a lot of the best chinese in town there!  Yao Fuzi reminds us of a cross between that an our fav Chinese place in New York.  So do what we did, we looked up comments about it saw what dishes people just raved about and tried it!   It is a little more pricey but totally worth it. And if your not eating gluten free try the deep fried cheese cake for dessert oh my…….

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