Cajun Deep Fried Turkey And Gluten-Free Sides…

yummy this was a good dinner!  Okay I admit I cheated a little I didn’t cook this turkey.  We have a friend that deep fries turkeys a few times a year so we put our order in for the cajun spice deep fry. We have 2 turkey fryers…but haven’t used them in about 5 years.  Either it’s to cold outside, raining or windy then you have to mess with all that oil and clean up, not to mention cleaning the turkey etc…When you can just pay your friend to make you a wonderful fried one without all the mess…and it always is cooked perfectly…yes please!  So I went to work making all the goodies to go with it!  I made a gluten -free gravy that was so good ….

Michele’s Gluten-free Gravy

3 Tb. butter and 1 tsp. evoo… melt over med heat.  add 1 clove minced garlic and  2Tb. finely chopped onion and 3 mushrooms finely chopped…saute till soft.. then add 2Tb. Bobs Red Mill all purpose G-F flour. stir till takes on light brown color will be thick (about 2 mins.) add 2 TB. Dry white wine. 1 TB  Allegro original marinade ( you can find this with steak sauces at the store) and  1 c. chicken broth and 1/2 cup veggie broth ( I use Imagine brand) cont. stirring constantly…add tsp. chopped flat leaf parsley and 1/2 to 1 TB. cajun spice ( I use Big Stew’s New Orleans Blackened you can get online) cont. stirring about 3 min when liquid starts to boil turn to low . add a pinch of sea salt simmer few min stirring and serve… if  gravy is to thick add a little more veggie broth for desired consistency. I also added 2 TB.  of pan juice from turkey. enjoy!

you may be looking at my plate thinking what else besides turkey and ham is on that plate!  Well I found this G-F Risotto at Whole Foods it was delish!  I also made baked sweet potato with butter, agave, brown sugar and marshmallow and some butter.  I also made mash tators  (Texas term) mustard greens, sauteed mushrooms, cornbread stuffing and cranberry orange ginger compote. Gluten-Free eating isn’t boring or blah it can be rich and delish!

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1 Response to Cajun Deep Fried Turkey And Gluten-Free Sides…

  1. Susanne says:

    that looks so good–my mouth is watering right now!

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