Eating Healthy Gluten-Free Packed With Flavor!

eating healthy gluten-free dinners from the past couple weeks… roasted veggies… Cauliflower,golden beets,red bell pepper and sweet potato.  Roasted Asparagus tender crisp.  Pan Roasted Salmon with side salad and tender crisp okra…this was a great combo of flavors!

this was so tasty with a little help from  Whole Foods Market. I roasted acorn squash…yes I know I’m into roasting my veggies it brings out the flavor try it!  I roasted brussels  sprouts cut in half and broccoli with olive oil some chilpotle powder and chili powder a dash of cumin, sea salt/ pepper and minced garlic spread out on cookie sheet bake 375  degrees  for 12- 18 mins depending on desired tenderness.  I  bought gingered beets and oregano chicken ready made at Whole Foods this was a great meal semi homemade.

this dinner was a winner!  Gluten-free pasta homemade beef meatballs and organic marinara .  A wonderful spicy red pepper chickpea frittata Gluten -free brand Lucini you can find at Whole Foods. serve with a wonderful mixed salad with hearts of palm!

yummy… the fish was baked in oven at 375 , grouper, olive oil, coarse black pepper / sea salt  a dash of lemon pepper with a touch of butter, 15.mins.  Pan roasted mushrooms with butter and garlic and a baked yam with butter dash of cinnamon and a little agave syrup!  You must try it!

pizza pizza craving …This gluten-free pizza was destroyed…my family  they  went crazy they loved it! …I sautéed red bell peppers and thin cut sweet onion some mushrooms organic pepperoni.  Made the gluten free crust baked it first then added sauce , seasoning and veggies and meat, top with cheese baked away at 375 till crisp….woe this was the best!

michele’s pepper steak with white rice, My friend Mindy had a recipe main dish party.  We made our  dish’s and brought them and the recipes to share .  My dish won for the  dinner they felt their  family would like the most! 🙂 request it, be happy to post for you!  I hope I  have inspired you to try some new healthy options. enjoy!


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1 Response to Eating Healthy Gluten-Free Packed With Flavor!

  1. Susanne says:

    we’re on day 10 of the cleanse…i almost cried when i saw that pizza! i want bread so bad it is KILLING me!!!

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