Detox Cleanse Time Again….

well it had been about 7 months since my 2nd Standard Process Detox Cleanse. We traveled a lot this summer and I got way off track from my gluten-free eating and really needed to reset… and just get back to healthier eating in general!  I just finished my 21 day cleanse, here are a few of the meals I made.  Last Oct. was the first cleanse I did and I felt so much better afterward I posted daily recipes so check them out in my post Oct.2010.  You eat plenty of veggies during this cleanse this is a veggie soup…so good!

preparing veggie stuffed peppers…

pepper stuffing…onions, garlic, zucchini, mushroom,the pepper tops sautéed in walnut oil with some sea salt, pepper and fresh flat parsley and a dash of italian seasoning .  Cook to soften veggies and add 1 cup cooked wild rice.  Add 3 Tb. veggie broth blend and stuff peppers.

don’t these look great?  Bake in oven 350 for  15.mins.  then add organic tomato sauce or marinara (no sugar )organic brand pour over tops bake 10 more mins.  Now while on this particular cleanse dairy is not allowed but if you want to add a little shredded cheese add before you pour tomato sauce.

stuffed pepper served with a great salad.  enjoy!

one night I made steamed artichokes served with lemon garlic organic butter for dipping .  I roasted some brussels sprouts and served with salad with an avocado vinaigrette dressing.  And butternut parsnip soup. delish …I have the soup recipe under a post for Oct. 2010 if you want to try it.  It is a wonderful winter soup!  Well I finished my cleanse last Thursday I feel healthier , less bloating , no aching joints, no stomach pains. and lost a little weight always an added benefit of eating better cutting out sugar, corn, grains dairy, soy, caffeine, and alcohol you can have wild rice, brown rice and lentils while on this cleanse fresh fruits and veggies and add in organic chicken and fish on the 11th day while taking supplements and drinking great tasting shakes.  I still have not added caffeine or gluten back into my diet and only had sugar once while on our trip to Arkansas where I enjoyed a complete gluten-free menu from one of my favorite restaurants  Bonefish Grill they had creme brulee or a flourless chocolate brownie I had the brownie.  I was so impressed by the gluten-free menu it was extensive which you just don’t see much. Well live and learn what works best for you!


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  1. I’m definitely going to try this!

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