Baby Shower Favors…and Shower Prep

two days before  the shower I made muddy buddies for the shower favors.  Some people call this recipe puppy chow….rice chex, coated in chocolate and peanut butter, then coated in powder sugar…yum

62 little bags all tied up in green tulle with a little hand stamped tag that said a little something for you!

i made a little mobile in the shower colors to hang above the dining room table!

a few days before the shower I made several tissue pom poms to hang up.

two days before the shower I made a cute welcome baby banner with the help of my cricut machine.  And I made two scrapbook pages to display our friends Jessica and Ellis when they were babies and a couple of framed pictures with their families it came out so nice!

the night before the shower I was cooking and baking…I made 4 dozen cupcakes I used 30 for the shower and kept the rest on reserve.  I had help, two friends made an additional 3 dozen!  I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla/coconut pudding filling.  I did a semi homemade frosting mixture keep this in mind when you are looking for a short cut.

for the frosting I mixed 1 container of marshmallow creme and 2 different vanilla frostings.  I added 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 2 Tbs. coco lopez and 1/2 cup powder sugar, whipped in mixer tasted great. I put a thin layer of frosting on the cupcakes then shredded coconut and then piped the frosting on top of each cupcake.   The Vanilla pudding  shown here was used for the filling I added 2Tbs. of coco lopez to give it a bit of coconut flavor!

all the utensils wrapped in the napkins and tied with a ribbon.  Serving dishes set up.

1 day before the shower I got the pom poms hung, cupcakes baked…And the jumbo marshmallows dipped in caramel with a dash of sea salt and drizzled with chocolate.  I put the tortilla casserole together so I just needed to bake it the next day. The last thing I made was a white bean dip .  We are ready for tomorrow!  Stay tuned for the shower details…..



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