A Cousin Moment…

we have to be related!  My sweet cousin Marcy and me in the shades…we had so much fun on this trip! I love my family!

whose under those shades?   That would be my cousin Missy and me!

my cousin Mindy and me….

our last day of fishing…I was in the boat with Marcy, Jessie and Jaren.

kev went with my cousin Missy and her hubby Randy and my uncle Lucio!

I love this shot of my hubby Kevin and my uncle check out how cool and relaxed my uncle is…then check out Kevin who has totally taken on a fishing stance all his own!   I watched my husband turn into a fisherman on this trip it was awesome cause I grew up fishing and love it!   Woo hoo I have a fishing partner!

my cousin Mindy and her family we are all going for those last fish!

on our last evening we decided to get a little shopping and souvenirs.

we came here to Handbergs Marine…cute place

lots of fun things and wonderful ice cream!  So great was the salted caramel ice cream with bits of chocolate that Kevin had it recreated here at Henry’s Ice cream in Plano TX….fabulous is all I can say!!!!!

so many things to look at in Handbergs…

found an awesome sweatshirt and fish apron…and post card, you have got to have post cards!  Well we had a fun relaxing trip with our family!  Hope you enjoyed the highlights.




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