Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary…Home To The Black Bear

love the beautiful reflection of the sky…the lake was like glass.  It doesn’t get much calmer than this!

this part of the lake was on the Canadian side.

this little seagull was hanging out by our boat for some food…he loved chips.

we took some time away from fishing for a tour of the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary home to wild black bears!

read the signs!

at first glance you think you are looking at a meadow with black cows then you realize these are all black bears.

this guy does not look like he would be willing to share his food!

this cute cub was ready to start climbing…and when he did he was followed by his siblings and they climbed this tree so fast I couldn’t believe it!

and they are off… up up and away…

high in the tree tops…they took a little break.  The park attendant told us the mama bear has them go up the tree so she can eat…that way they are safe from the other bears while she has her dinner.

this young bear put on quite the show …

going out on a limb…

and a pose for the camera so cute…

hey you got some food in there?  Hope you enjoyed the bear tour…




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2 Responses to Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary…Home To The Black Bear

  1. Mindy Leary says:

    Wow. The bears are so beautiful. What an amazing experience to have seen them like that.

  2. Susanne says:

    what beautiful scenery! and what an amazing thing to see so many bears!

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