Shore Lunch at Crane Lake

in the week we were at Crane Lake we caught a lot of fishies!

one of the highlights of the trip was shore lunch.  We took the kiddos cliff diving in the morning then went and found a great spot for our lunch.

and here’s the spot…we set up camp and got to cooking.

bear proof food locker you don’t see these everywhere!

we made hamburgers, hotdogs, pork and beans and skillet potatoes.  The weather was perfect!


after we ate it was photo time…me and my cousins!

more fishing the next day…

me and Kev went out with Jessie one morning and caught so many fish I lost count!

here’s what we caught along with Kevin’s big catch, he became quite the fisherman on this trip!

now that’s the big one that didn’t get away…we did have a few of those!  I had  caught a fish and was holding it up for a photo and it jumped out of my hands right back into the water.  And my cousin caught it all on video it was pretty funny!


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