Let The Fishing Begin…

our first day of fishing began with a trip to the bait store.

bait, a fish license, snacks… you can get it all here.

the first day we took out 4 boats…

my cousin Missy and her family headed out on the first boat…

my uncle was captain of the 2nd boat out…

my cousin Marcy and Kevin on our boat…

my cousin Mindy and her family in the 4th boat and off we went to the first fishing spot!

my cousin Marcy caught the first fish on our boat…let the competition begin!

i landed the 2nd fish woo whooo…and its a Walleye!

3rd catch caught by Jessie…

look at this show off!  Kevin got number 4 now we have all caught our first!

afternoon dock …

pretty plants and trees on the trail to the ….

 fancy ladies room…with signs watch for bears!

blueberries everywhere…

well this isn’t enough for pancakes…

my cousin Mindy and her daughter Ashley bringing in a catch!

my 2nd of the day and we went on to catch many more…

and here was our catch for the day…. we were of course very happy we scored!  Tomorrow will be our fish fry…but tonight was my cooking night…and what’s on the menu you ask?

i made my chicken roll ups…pound out a chicken breast season with salt and pepper, (use any other seasoning if you wish basil or a little italian seasoning) lay a thin slice smoked deli or maple ham on chicken, then a tablespoon of softened cream cheese roll up and wrap with a slice of bacon bake in oven at 350 for 15 mins then add a can of cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup continue to cook chicken 15 more mins. or until cooked…you can also broil last minute or two to crisp up bacon.  I served these roll ups with mashed potatoes, salad and fresh Iowa corn on the cob.  We had strawberry shortcake for dessert!

we were all so hungry after a long day of fishing … we lined up got our plates of food and stuffed ourselves!  That is what vacation are for of course!



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