What’s Your favorite Hole In The Wall?

we all have some favorite no fail hole in wall places we frequent!  I was turned on to this one through my friend Nikki.  El Portal Cafe  is located in Carrollton Texas.  Address is  2810 E. Trinity Mills Suite 191.

there are always lunch specials here, so I like to try different things.  The food here is Colombian and it is great.  And the pastries are all homemade and so delish!  They also make this bread from rice flour totally gluten-free and I crave them!

here is the regular menu…my friends love the arepas.

rib soup was the special…I looked around and everyone was eating it so I thought I needed to try it.  A key to how great the food is at a hole in the wall is …are there people in there?  Are they the culture of the restaurant because if they are, you can bet the food is going to be great!  This place is always busy with families and people enjoying the great food.   My soup was wonderful the meat fell off the bone the broth was great and it came with salad, homemade dressing and fried plantain.  Yummy!  They also make fresh fruit smoothies I had pineapple, light and refreshing. I also ordered one of the rice flour cassava bread rolls.  I have had the tilapia many times, always good and a few other specials that I have enjoyed.  So if you live nearby give El Portal a try.  Hey send me a comment and let me know your favorite Hole in the Wall!


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2 Responses to What’s Your favorite Hole In The Wall?

  1. julie says:

    You’ve made me WANT to eat here! You’ve made my mouth water with your descriptions, we must go soon

  2. We must ,just wait till you see the pastries!

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