Eat At Red Bar…Grayton Beach

on our last night of our Florida vacation we ate at Red Bar…

this place is always packed if you don’t get here by 5:00 you are going to wait in a line that could be an hour or so.  So we opted to come later closer to 9:00.  There was a band playing and the walls are full of decor as well as the ceiling!

signs are  everywhere in here…

the Red Bar is in Grayton Beach…it is across the street from Shorty’s which I posted about.  It is also across from Zoo Gallery a very cool artsy shop.  Kevin bought me a little brass and copper owl necklace there that I just love!  So if you get to The Red Bar and there is a wait which there most likely will be, just go shopping….But when it’s time to order, a local had told us to ask for the egg rolls  they are not on the menu you have to ask…so of course we did and we were not disappointed !

I ordered the chicken piccata it was delish and so much food as you can see!

kev ordered the fish special of the evening served on fried polenta yummy…

we hope you enjoyed our tours of great places to eat and fun places to shop from our Florida vacation …with a few breaks on different themes here and there and in between! One last stop awaits…

Alys  beach was beautiful this is the outside of the guest pool if you stay or live here.

and if you are staying in Alys this is your look out deck to the beach…Nice isn’t it!

the donut truck was closed every time we passed sold out!

so we decided on our morning leave to the airport we had to pass right by the Donut truck in Alys beach…guess what?  A line… so this is why they were always out of donuts…every body gets here early!  So we got in line for our sugar fix and yes the donuts were great!



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