Give My Jewelry A Redesign Please!

recently I was checking in on one of the boutiques I design for.  A client had brought 3 pieces to them and asked if I could please redesign and lengthen the pieces for her.  I love a fun  redesign, the client gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted and really wanted all made into necklaces that were at least 36 inches long.  One necklace and bracelet set she said I could take apart and join together. The peridot (green) piece she loved the drop just not the ribbon.  And finally the last black and white agate and sterling  piece is one of my one of a kind designs from about 3 years ago she wanted it lengthened. No problem!

problem solved…redesign on all 3 necklaces came out great. What do you think?  I removed the ribbon and strung teardrop peridot, champagne quartz and champagne coin pearls finished off with a sterling clasp.  And if she decides to go for a simple look she can remove the beaded drop and just wear the necklace by itself !  For the abalone piece I took apart the bracelet and added more hammered sterling chain, I also added some oval abalone along with the bracelet pieces.  I really liked the larger clasp on the bracelet  so I polished it up and used it for the necklace clasp.  And for the original Michele Busch Design I took it apart a bit and added sterling chain, a large agate slice to one side and a faceted onyx tube to the other and a few more agate and sterling pieces.  All the looks are long and beautiful, I think she is going to love and get a lot of wear from her newly designed pieces!  Isn’t that a great way to give your old designs a little facelift?  Better look through those jewelry boxes at home girls!


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1 Response to Give My Jewelry A Redesign Please!

  1. Susanne says:

    what a great idea! i need to look through my necklaces and have you do the same thing!!

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