Get Your Crush On….Sushi in SeaSide

one of our favorite places we found in SeaSide was ” Crush”  wine and great sushi we came here 3 times during our trip.

we ate on the patio every time , the inside of the restaurant was beautiful but if the weather is nice Kevin and I will always go for outside seating!

and there’s my cute hubby…I went to go take a picture of the band playing that nite in the amphitheatre.

everyone was ready for the concert the band was from Nashville.

the band played on…back to “Crush” I went… sushi time and we got to enjoy the band at the same time!
we tried several things and we liked it all…

this was so good we ordered two!

great presentation and wonderful food…Crush Wine and Sushi in SeaSide.





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2 Responses to Get Your Crush On….Sushi in SeaSide

  1. Susanne says:

    we didn’t eat there–but mckinlee and amber got their hair done right outside at one of the tables a girl had set up!

  2. Yes that’s where I saw the lady doing that too! The girls hair looked so cute!

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