Breakfast At The Beach…

our little space on the beach at SeaSide…love the blue and white.

our place in the sun had food service so I checked out the menu hmmm…this looks good but I feel like a late breakfast instead…

so put on the cover up and let’s go try The Great Southern Cafe in SeaSide…

 we left this beautiful beach…and headed to the cafe…

 we got a great table on the front porch!

so I decided to try out the fried green tomato eggs Benedict with a side of home fried potatoes.  It doesn’t get any more Southern than that!  Wow, Yum and the plate was soon empty!

french toast was Kevin’s choice and it was delish…of course I had to taste it!

we loved The Great Southern Cafe so much we came back again…this time we sat on the side porch…

okay… I ordered the same thing but switched it up a little with hash browns for my side!

two peas in a pod!  Kevin ordered the same thing as last time too…only this order was bigger than the last!  So jot down The Great Southern Cafe for your next stop to check out if you visit SeaSide.

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