Experience DejaVu…SeaSide Florida

well there were so many places to shop on Hwy. 30A in Florida.  But this shop stole my heart I think I went and shopped there at least 5 times during my trip.

located on the beach side of SeaSide DejaVu is a boutique just filled with things to make you say I must have that!  The window display was so beautiful a dress made of vintage tissue patterns…my style love it!

this boutique has so many nooks and crannies you have to go a few times just to take it all in!  It is romantic .vintage. beachy…like Anthropologie went to beach on vacation and relaxed a bit! (how’s that for a description)

the store has several sections through out that are all color coordinated…corals, peaches, greens, blues, browns etc…I love when stores color coordinate I think it is eye catching!

love this nook see what I mean?  Covered with vintage Pattern covers love it!  And check out the dress!

okay if you read my post you know I like to dig…belts anyone…

sweet as can be…

liked this bright window display… do you see what I mean when I said filled with things you want to take home?

I tried on this top…it didn’t look great on me…but I thought is was so pretty.

and of course, I have to notice how the jewelry was displayed and I totally approved!

i have displayed jewelry like this before love necklaces hanging on branches.

another nook…

me and my sister were trying on bracelets acting silly of course which is easy for us…hee hee…

my brother-inlaw waited patiently as we shopped, we got him a friend to sit with…Well hoped you enjoyed walking through the doors of DejaVu Boutique…and if you have been there maybe you experienced a DejaVu!




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2 Responses to Experience DejaVu…SeaSide Florida

  1. DeJaVu says:

    Michele, thanks so much for this adorable post about our store and your trip there! 🙂

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