What’s All The Fuss About?

love how all the shops have bikes parked out in front in SeaSide and Watercolor.  This was a little boutique I just loved in Watercolor.

come on in…The Fuss Boutique…so what’s all the fuss about?

this long counter ran through the middle of the store the owner told me it was an antique…I can’t remember now what it was once used for but love the repurposed version!  She had the jewelry displayed on top and arranged very nice of course I would notice that!  And I did buy the cutest pair of vintage chain earrings…yes I design jewelry but I still enjoy other people’s work as well!

isn’t this dress and bag dreamy?  And look at the wall behind it…love the curtain color!

what really caught my eye is the lighting, tons of mason jars hang above the antique display that runs through the middle of the store isn’t it pretty?

thought these little boot shoes were soooo cute!

don’t you just want to shop here…

dressing room area…

these lace up boot shoes caught my eye, so I came back and brought Kevin he liked them too and got them for me!   As soon as it cools down here to at least 80 degrees I plan to wear them!  Well hope you like seeing what all The Fuss was about…shopping Watercolor Florida…



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