It’s Fig Finale Time Again!

are you ready for a Fabulous Sale?  It is Fig Finale time this is a twice a year sale, to purchase tickets on line go to  If you are looking for cutting edge designer fashion at 75% off this is the place to come.  Several Boutiques from all over bring their clothes, shoes and accessories!  And of course you will find me there selling all my jewelry at Rock bottom prices I have a huge selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets…statement pieces, one of a kinds and the list goes on…so come visit me and shop!  I have sterling earrings for as low as $10.oo have you seen the price of sterling lately?  Well you can’t beat designer jewelry at these prices!  The Finale dates are August 25th-27th…read all about it on the website…well don’t just sit there look it up and buy your tickets tell your friends and get ready for some fashion and fun and awesome deals!

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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3 Responses to It’s Fig Finale Time Again!

  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful designs as always! :^)

  2. Hey Michele! I LOVE your jewelry. Can I buy it online?

    • Thank you Tara! I currently do not sell online but some of the boutiques I sell to will ship. I am working on getting an online shop. If you ever see a piece you really like feel free to inquire about it, I can connect you with the boutique who has it. I hope to have a shop that is all tied into my blog…and if I was techno savvy enough it would already be done but girl, I barely know how to get around this blog that is why it is so basic! I did have a website which I took down last year to completely update but the cost to have it built the way I wanted was crazy so it is still a page of promise (coming soon) I hope…

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