Fun Filled Girl Day…

i had a fun girl day with my little friend Chloe.  She thought we were just going to hang out at my house and make jewelry…which she loves to do!  But I had a few surprises for her… we went shopping for a few back to school outfits…

shopping of course works up an appetite so In and Out Burger came to our rescue!

we stopped by Pappagallo in Fairview to say hello check out the latest fashions and I showed Chloe my jewelry designs on display.

and girls let me tell you Pappagallo is having some great sales right now on summer styles.  Every time I wear something from this store I get compliments and get asked where did you buy that?  If you enjoy fun fashion hurry up pronto!

well we shopped we had lunch the next thing to do was go have dessert…but not just any ole place will do…we headed for the best… La Duni at Fairview…Chloe loved the roses on the tables…

La Duni has wonderful food Iv’e been quoted in the Dallas Morning News saying it is one of my fav’s and best mojitos in town and my new fav here are the frozen mojitos refreshing, cold, taste great in 11o degree weather lol…

other treats frozen and iced coffees …wonderful desserts…but first we had a nice surprise…

our surprise chef Julia Lopez was there and she was wearing a pair of Michele Busch earrings so how cool is that!  I introduced Chloe and Julia asked us if we wanted a tour of the new restaurant…yes of course!  She even took us into her beautiful new kitchen , now that was a dream to me…stainless every where fabulous kitchen!   Julia is an extremely talented chef, being that as it may she is so sweet and willing to talk and get to know her customers … that is what sets a good place to eat to a Great place to go eat and be entertained by a wonderful setting !  Thank Julia for the tour!

okay..time for a cupcake and a specialty coffee…

it may be hot outside but it is nice and cool in here, so cappuccino it is!

i ordered the lemon meringue cupcake…

chloe ordered the  tres leches cupcake…she said Michele they put caramel on the top I don’t like caramel…I said you know who loves caramel ? Kevin so we will take it to him and get  you one without it!

problem  soloved!

chloe said okay, if I didn’t know any better I would say this is unreal because it taste so good!

the cupcakes were so good they disappeared right in front of our very eyes!

well we said goodbye to La Duni and headed to our next stop which was a bead store we went inside and Chloe said hey this place has a lot more stuff than Micheals!  We shopped around and finally headed for home.

first things first…Welby needs a little love…

chloe had put together  a necklace for a gift, she had made half of it at home and brought the rest to finish in my studio.  So I was getting some beads out when I spilled some oops …Chloe come help me scoop up these beads and she did.  And we laughed about how when you are making a piece like a necklace and before you can clasp it you drop it and all your design rolls to the table or floor…we both agreed we hate when that happens!

chloe has a true designer eye,  she had already made the bottom half of the necklace at home from different pieces I had given her before.  Look how she put it together a totally balanced asymmetric piece all on her own!

hard at work making feather earrings I showed her the 1st one then she made the 2nd.

so altogether she made a necklace for her aunt, a pair of earrings for her mom and a pair for her aunt and a set of feather earrings for herself pretty sweet huh?  I saw her the next evening and she was wearing the feather earrings so cute!  Well a fun girl day we had!

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