Donut Hole Restaurant…Move Over Cupcakes…

for many folks who live in the Destin  or Santa Rosa Beach Areas in Florida Donut Hole is a place were locals and tourists flock for great homestyle cooking… comfort food at it’s best and yummy breakfast…and lets not forget the famous Donuts!

the menu at Donut Hole is chuck full of all your standard favorites, yes I said (chuck full I am from Texas ya”ll) breakfast, lunch or a dozen or so donuts to go the bottom line is you don’t leave this place hungry!

we went to Donut Hole twice on our trip… breakfast mood the first time…yum

lunch mood on our next visit…this club was Great!

now you can not leave Donut Hole empty handed…the best chocolate covered cream puffs filled with vanilla custard… yes please… one of my hubby’s fav’s and mine too!

then there are the donuts…fresh made…wonderful little pieces of heaven!  You have got to get to this place early if you want a full selection because they run out.  People come in and leave with boxes of donuts!  One of the speciality donuts are the red velvet with cream cheese frosting .  Trends come and go the last few years have fueled the cupcake craze, now you see cake balls everywhere…and the rise of the doughnut or donut however you choose is beginning to trend up!  It all goes back to comfort, donuts and cupcakes have been around forever and will never go out of style I grew up eating hostess cupcakes, snowballs, powdered sugar donuts and fried pies…but trust me donuts are on the rise…check out my post June 30th and May 28th…don’t forget to read those with a glass of milk…hee hee

well maybe you might need that glass of milk with this post too!


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