Touring The Shops Of Rustin…SeaSide Florida

a place to cool down Heavenly sorbet ice cream anyone?…my brother in-law here next to the giant cone.

yum…I save these little cups to repurpose them for bead sorting.

me and my sis enjoying our gelato!

our view as we sit enjoying our gelato…the art shops at SeaSide…a cute side note my friend Susanne vacationed here 3 weeks after us and she photographed some of the same places check out her blog .  Well lets tour around the shops…art everywhere these little shops had art, clothing, photography studios, gift items, jewelry something for all taste…

antiques too…thought these sewing machines were wonderful…

thought this little tractor wagon was cute…

this sign reminded me of my friend Susanne she took a pic of it too!

fun sign…

pretty blue entrance…

raise your hand if you like word signs…

enter the Shops of Ruskin …

lots of great paintings…

art abounds thru out the shops of Ruskin right inside the little township of SeaSide…

the walk to all these little shops is so beautiful…love the entrance to this shop the owner was so sweet she was also an artist and made some beautiful jewelry I fell in love with a few of her pieces but narrowed it down to one!  It was one of those one of a kind pieces I went back twice to see and think on.  I left with out it or so I thought…the next week after we got home Kevin and I were on our way to Fort Worth I had my new vintage dress on.  I had got the dress on our NYC trip to see the it check out my post on May 24th Vintage Clothing What Did I Find.  Any- who Kevin said oh can you get me the envelope in the door we were driving down the road I reached in the door and there was a box…with a sticker NEWBELL COLLECTION…I said no way you didn’t…yes he did …the bracelet is so cool I have already worn it a ton…and yes I do wear and own jewelry other than mine!  I will post a pic of this bracelet soon stay tuned for it!

check out the spiral staircase on the top of this building I’m sure the view is great from there!  Don’t forget to click on the pic’s to enlarge and see more details!

throughout the shops there are condos and homes…this 3 level place was nestled in the middle of it all I loved the modern look it had rain catch  water spouts that create a waterfall effect onto the rock below so awesome!

this shop was very cool I thought of my daughter in-law who loves everything Paris!  This shop had home decor, gifts, jewelry, clothing and some gourmet goods very eclectic totally my style loved it!

so peaceful looking isn’t it?

a little community kids garden isn’t that cool… well hope in enjoyed the tour come back for more beach fun…



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