Home Away From Home…Beach Style

as we were pulling up to our beach house I was thinking I can’t believe we are staying here for a week!…and you shouldn’t either…but I had you going for a second there!  But is this a beach house or what?  We did send pic’s to our friends saying look Iron Man’s house and they would text back saying really that’s were they filmed Iron Man…hee hee I know we are so bad!

okay…here are our condos pretty isn’t it?  Come on in and I will take you for a short tour of our home away from home for the week!

the decor in the condo was so cute, beach cottage style with a touch of modern and a hint of retro in the bunkie room…hmm sounds like someone I know….

loved this wall art in the hall…

our cozy dining room which we didn’t use much but my sister is a wonderful cook and she had brought roast she had cooked  for tacos and she made guacamole and her famous salsa which is the best!  And my hubby’s favorite frozen pina coladas that she makes with ice cream yummy!

the beachy living space…the doors open up to a screened on porch.

our screened porch with a pretty view of the woods!

isn’t the two tone wall coloring fun …

the condos master suite…

our cute bright cheery room!

cute bunkie room…

the bridge we would walk down to get to the beach…

now a few steps down and your at the beach…so I guess we did get a little exercise on this trip…well stay tuned for a few more days at the beach…shopping…eating and fun in the sun and in the rain!



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3 Responses to Home Away From Home…Beach Style

  1. i love that sign about being overdressed if you aren’t barefoot!

  2. Susanne says:

    cute condo–i know you had a great time!

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