Our First Days On Our Florida Beach Vacation…

the sand beneath your feet…ahh…well 3 weeks after my surprise NYC trip we went on our planned Florida vacation!  My sister and brother-inlaw invited us to go with them to Seagrove Florida…so here we go on our fun in the sun beach vacation!

the water was so pretty…nothing like the ocean air and the sound of the waves to relax you!

no makeup…but plenty of sunscreen for the both of us!  The sun was starting to go down the breeze felt great and we are at the beach what can be better?

a long day on the beach now as this sun is setting the last of its rays beaming through the clouds!

my brother in-law and me posing for a closeup!

next day on the beach thumbs up this is great!

my sister Margee and me getting a sister beach photo!  This was our first vacation together since we were kids!  We go visit each other her to Dallas me to Arkansas but as families together to the beach a first…sunglasses on, wind blowing our hair!  Stay tuned for more of the Beach!


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2 Responses to Our First Days On Our Florida Beach Vacation…

  1. Sharon says:

    Love your Seaside series! You write lovely descriptions to go with your photos. I need to work on that!

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