Meeting The Author Of Sarah’s Key…Tatiana De Rosnay

have you read Sarah’s Key?  I read it last year and thought is was such a great book!  I told all my reader friends it was a must read my friend Julie borrowed it and read it after me and really liked it too.  She had told me they made it into a movie.  Well we went to a preview today the movie comes out here July 22nd.  I was really excited to see it but since it was a preview with the author of the book there were a lot of people who had special invitations… so just when we thought we were about to get in more people with rsvp’s got there at the last-minute and we were told no more seats!

oh well disappointed as we were they did give us a book and we decided to go eat and come back when the movie let out in hopes of getting into the interview and question session with the author Tatiana De Rosnay.  I had hoped to get to meet her and tell her how much I enjoyed the book and give her a little gift.

I had made this cute little necklace with a little key of course to give Tatiana.

so we went and had dinner and returned to the movie studio.  We went in and Tatiana was sitting at the bar waiting for the movie to end so she could do the interview.  My hubby Kevin who is never afraid to go up to anyone says let’s go meet her and ask her to sign our books!  Of course I am always to shy to go up to anyone and I said no don’t bother her.  So of course he just walks up to her and ask if she would sign his book.  She said well I’m actually not going to be signing any books tonight but…I will sign yours we will just do it before anyone can see just don’t tell anyone here I signed it…So sweet… She asked who do I sign it to he said to my wife Michele she is sitting right over there..she waved and signed his book.  She asked Kevin why we weren’t in the movie he told her we got there at 5:30 but by 7:00 were told no more seats.  He came back and told me “go give her the gift you brought”!  So I did and told her how much I enjoyed her book.  She opened it and said thank you so much this is beautiful…and the best part is she put it on!  A few minutes later they let her know the movie was about to let out she got up to leave told me thank you again and walked around the corner.  Then one of the staff came back to us and said Tatiana would like you to come in for the interview!  Cool… we got to wait with her for a few minutes and talk she lives in Paris and had flown to New York were she did the preview last night check out her website several famous people were there. .  She told me you have to see the movie when it comes out they stayed true to the story and it is really so good that is why I’m helping promote it.  She also said she was exhausted and so sleepy and flying out to California for tomorrow’s preview.

here she is doing the interview…so even though we have to wait to see the movie we did get a special treat we were the only people who got to meet her and she was so sweet to sign our book!  Looking forward to the movie.  If you have not read this book go get it and read it first then go see the movie! (bring tissues you will need them) Just to give you a tiny back drop the story is fiction but based on the Velodrome d’hiver roundup which took place on July 16th 1942.




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