New Designs Sometimes Come About By Accident…

great designs have to have a starting point…

so as I’m putting this piece together I have all the stones and pearls lined up, I decide one side will have two rows…well that was until my kitty jumped up onto the chair next to me demanded some attention and as I went to pet his furry little head…oops I knocked over my drink, liquid is everywhere I jump up to grab a towel…by the time I clean it up I look at my design which got bumped, the beads had jumbled up and I thought wow that looks really good…design change of plans hee hee….

thanks to Welby needing some love the design was turned into something even more intricate!

the finished product a beautiful one of a kind available at Joni’s Boutique later this week. So if you need a punch of yellow a necklace with a story made of pearls, crystals and faceted citrine with a vintage resin flower and a vintage rhinestone bead I found digging through a huge bowl in a shop in New York several years ago… this could be yours!

often my designs come about by me grabbing a color combination of beads, stones and crystals… so here are the colors I decided to work with.  I start playing with the beads laying them out in a pattern..

some designs just come about quickly others do not but about 10 mins. of moving beads around I had my main design figured out…

now a little fine tuning and playing around with some draping chain…

time to put it together and in the mean time a sister necklace was created too!  Two were designed of the chunky piece one went to Joni’s Boutique in Plano Texas and the other went to Pappagallo Boutique in Frisco Texas.  The thinner sister design piece you can buy at Pappagallo Boutique in Fairview Texas.  Several other new designs in emerald green and earthy combos went to all the Pappagallo Boutiques…Frisco, Plano, Fairview, Hulen and Sundance Square…happy shopping!

here is a fab black and white piece a one of a kind it sold at Joni’s before I could even post this picture I hope the person who bought it enjoys it for many years!

these cute little earrings went to Joni’s as well…I remember finding these black and white beads and buying a strand of them thinking these are so cute with the black leaves.  I designed several other black and white combos so head to Joni’s if you need to accessorize!  And if you don’t live in the area you can always call them and order the piece you see if they have sold it sometimes I can remake the piece or something similar!


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