Farewell NYC…See You Again Soon I Hope

farewell New York…well it was a busy 6 days as you can see from all the blogging…but this is the last blog on this trip…hope you had a fun trip along with us !

okay so we are on our flight home and airplane food is never anything to write home about but this snack was actually really good!

this was called the mediterranean snack box…it had great crackers, hummus, cheese, olive mix, and nuts…the flight attendant told us she has a man that is always on her flights who always orders 2 extra she finally said what do you do with these he said me and my wife love them we sit down with a glass of wine at home and enjoy!

well back home safe and sound and yes I don’t believe in traveling light!  Now for the unpacking, putting away and washing!

so we get home and I’m unpacking the bags and find this…Kevin you took a menu?  I hear you were not suppose to find that!  And of course I didn’t take it I bought it and I was planning to have it framed as a memento for our 20th as a surprise for you!!  ( Da Gennaro menu)  Okay that is super sweet…now that is 20 years of romance!  The End…oh p.s. I saved the cork from our wine…



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1 Response to Farewell NYC…See You Again Soon I Hope

  1. I’ve really enjoyed virtually eating my way around Manhattan with you guys. Thanks for the great posts! It’s so cute that Kevin still likes to surprise you. Twenty years together and the romance lives on! LOVE IT!

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